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Alfresco ACSCA Online Practice Exam Questions

The questions of ACSCA were last updated on Jul 24,2021 .

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Which of the following SOLR Core templates causes less duplication of the index, and therefore the index is more compact? Select One.

A. vanilla
B. without_suggest
C. test
D. rerank


A customer is considering to consolidate servers using virtualization. They would like to virtualize the SOLR4 server.
What are the main areas of concern related to performance? Select One.

A. disk I/O, network I/O, database
B. memory, database, load balancing
C. CPU, disk l/O, network I/O
D. CPU, network I/O, database


Which content store gives you the ability to create a primary store for read and write and a set of secondary stores for read only?

A. File content store
B. Selector Content Store
C. Caching content store
D. Aggregating content store


What tool allows developers to view all custom metadata and aspects applied to a document? Select One.

A. Category Manager
B. Module Browser
C. Module Management Tool
D. Node browser


After installing Alfresco Office Service a user can't directly archive emails into Alfresco using Microsoft Outlook©. Select one possible cause for this behavior.

A. Protected view is deactivated in Office.
B. The Alfresco Outlook Integration is not installed.
C. Libre Office is not installed.
D. SSL for AOS is enabled.

Exam Code: ACSCA
Q & A: 60 Q&As
Updated:  Jul 24,2021

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