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Nokia BL00100-101-E Online Practice Exam Questions

The questions of BL00100-101-E were last updated on Sep 16,2021 .

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What functionality is applied by SDN to find an alternative path in case of failure in the Transport Network?

A. Path Correlation Engine
B. Alternative Route Finding
C. Alternative Path Computing
D. Path Computation Engine


What are the five key features of 5G Core?

A. Dynamic Control plane, Adaptive Architecture, Converged-Access-Network, Stateless and Network Self-healing
B. Dynamic Control plane, Service Based Architecture, Multi-Access-Network, State-efficiency and Network Slicing
C. Dynamic Control plane, Adaptive Architecture, Multi-Access-Network, Stateless and Network Slicing
D. Control and User Planes Separation, Service Based Architecture, Multi-Access-Network, State-efficiency and Network Slicing


What is the best solution for deploying an optimal network function distribution?

A. Using duplicated Virtual Network Functions
B. Using Virtual Network Functions to control the routing
C. Using Virtual Network Functions orchestrated across various Cloud Data Centers
D. Using Virtual Network Functions in Access


Which of the following statements are applicable to the technology of massive MIMO? (Select 3)

A. Several data flows are sent at the same time on the same frequency.
B. The signals on each antenna are made orthogonal.
C. The data flows are sent at the same time on different frequencies.
D. Transmit diversity is used in case of poor radio conditions.


Which one of the following requires a network service package defined in a catalog?

A. Cloud software platform
B. Cloud infrastructure software
C. Cloud orchestration
D. Software defined network

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