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IIBA CCBA Online Practice Exam Questions

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A new payments system was recently implemented to replace an old legacy system. The system users have lodged a complaint that the new system is slower than the old system but system performance statistics show more efficiency.
How does the business analyst (BA) demonstrate to users how the new system is performing?

A. Collect system metrics and communicate results in an understandable format
B. Identify the dependencies of the system with other applications
C. Analyze the feasibility of including additional hardware resources to the system
D. Evaluate the payments process to identify areas of improvement in the system


A business analyst (BA) working with a large insurance corporation interviewed an industry thought leader who predicted that many of the regulations currently imposed by the government will change very soon. The BA carefully documented all these inputs from the thought leader because it will impact many of the strategic initiatives of the insurance company.
What specific element of requirement validation is being executed by the BA?

A. Identify constraints
B. Define measurable evaluation criteria
C. Identify assumptions
D. Evaluate alignment with solution scope


A business analyst (BA) is working on a project involving the purchase of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product. All internal risks have been identified and assessed.
What is the BA's next course of action?

A. Review the business objectives
B. Consult the business case
C. Assess external risks
D. Perform an environmental scan


The business analyst (BA) has scheduled an informal review of audit requirements with the compliance officer.
The BA wants to demonstrate that the requirements collectively support one another so begins with reviewing the:

A. template architectures.
B. business rules document.
C. functional specification.
D. work breakdown structure.

According to the BABOK® v3 guide, the purpose of defining the requirements architecture is as follows:
"to ensure that the requirements collectively support one another to fully achieve the objectives…"
There are five elements to consider when you define the requirements architecture:
- The requirements architecture viewpoints and views.
- The template architectures.
- The completeness.
- Relating and verifying the requirements relationships.
- The business analysis information architecture


A business analyst (BA) is defining a stakeholder approval approach for the requirement deliverables. The project involves implementing new government regulatory requirements with significant risk to the organization in case of non-compliance.
According to the BABOK ® GUIDE, what will the BA need to do?

A. Ensure high level user stories are completed and accepted
B. Use an informal approval process to speed up delivery
C. Use a rigorous approval process of detailed specifications
D. Ensure the document is completed and signed off

BABOK v.3.0 C IIBA C A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge C International Institute of Business Analysis (2015) (Page 37)

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