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Pegasystems PEGAPCDS80V1_2020 Online Practice Exam Questions

The questions of PEGAPCDS80V1_2020 were last updated on Jul 24,2021 .

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A Scoring Model allows you to differentiate between

A. Good, Bad, Unknown
B. Good, Better, Best
C. Accept, Reject, Maybe Later
D. Good, Bad


What is the key characteristic that Next-Best-Action must consider to satisfy customer needs?

A. Service
B. Fraud
C. Mobility
D. Relevancy


The process of importing a third-party predictive model into Pega is_____________'

A. the; same as importing a Pega predictive model
B. to first convert it into the Pega markup language
C. simpler than importing a Pega predictive model
D. similar to importing an adaptive model


Inadecision strategy, in order to select the proposition with the highest propensity, you use a

A. Priorities component, and sort propensity from highest to lowest
B. Priorities component, and sort propensity from lowest to highest
C. Switch component, and sort propensity from lowest to highest
D. Switch component, and sort propensity from highest to lowest


A legal firm wants to use text analytics for easier and faster access to information to help with compliance related issues. The legal firm needs a taxonomy of legal concepts.
What is a taxonomy?

A. A list of valid categories
B. A sentiment analysis model
C. The output of an expert survey
D. A list of business rules

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